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Una piccola proposta, a little idea


Forse il mio italiano stia peggiorando, non sono sicuro, ma oggi con la stancezza non ho capito tanto, spero che Domani sia meglio.  O forse è vero che troppo studiare farsi male. Communque che sia, andiamo avanti lo stesso con i resolutions, perchè alla fine saremmo meglio.

Maybe my Italian is getting worse I’m not sure, but today with the tiredness I didn’t understand much, I hope that tomorrow will be better.  Or maybe it’s true that too much studying makes you ill 🙂  However it is we go ahead with the resolutions because at the end we’ll be better for it.

Se hai due minuti fai un’ attivià e cosi aiuterai la carità Camfed. If you have 2 minutes, do an activity and help the charity Camfed.

Segui questo link – – – SocialVibe – Helping People Support Charity

Follow this link – – – –  SocilVibe – Helping People Support Charity


Adesso sono vecchio, now I’m old

Ieri ho completato 27 anni, e sono contentisimo, sto bene, amo la mia famiglia e la mia fidanzata ma da il 1 di Gennaio provarò di essere meglio con una sfida a mese.  Per Gennaio il primo gruppo è stato fatto, vi prego dai un occhiato in comments sulla pagine Groups 4 Charity. Team Jordan, grazie 🙂 Adesso tocca te

Yesterday I turned 27 and I’m very happy, I love my family and my girlfriend but from January 1st I’m going to try to be better by doing a challenge a month.  The first group for January has been created, please have a look in comments on the Groups 4 January page.  Team Jordan thanks:)  Now it’s your turn .

For what it’s worth… My Resoutions and a full list of next years challenges

The New Year Countdown. Venue: Marina Bay, Sin...

Image by williamcho via Flickr

Italian and English La prima prova – The First Attempt

Se non hai idea di cosa fare per Gennaio, dai un’0cchiata ad alcune delle nostre sfide scritte qua sotto.  Poi apri la pagina “Challenges month by month” e clicca sul link  per piu informazioni sulle sfide.

So, I’ve decided to really, really learn Italian as my resoultion.  I’ve been living here two years now and communicating is not a problem, or understanding.. but recently I’ve found myself struggling for the words I want.  So from January I will study Italian for 3 hours a week and read for at least half an hour a day in Italian.  This may seem a weak resolution as I already live here, but the point is they are things I haven’t been doing and I’m using the New Year to introduce a new determination in me.  It will also be practical as I will write every blog in English and Italian….. starting from tomorrow…. 🙂

If you’re struggling for ideas for your Resolution you might be inspired by some of our Challenges, here’s a full list.

January – Resolution Challenge

February – Running

March – Cooking

April – Cycling

May – £10 a week challenge

June – Music

July – Writing a book

August – Your choice of challenge

September – Photography

October – Art (Painting)

November – E Bay selling

December – Buy a gift for someone else.

This is it!!!

So here is the first blog of the year a little early.  A brief outline of January’s Resolution Challenge.  Check out Challenges month by month for a full brief of all the challenges that will be done in 2011.

Month: January
Name: January Resolution
Type: Online
What you do? 1) Create a group with your friends.
                             2) Decide on a New Year’s Resolution
                             3) Decide who is going to sponsor who (sponsor amount per completed week is £2.50)
                             3) Write a comment on the blog saying: Team Name, Members names, Resolutions
                             4) At the end of the month multiply the number of succesful weeks by £2.50 and pay the donation into the account fo challengeforcharity.
                              5) Celebrate – well done. 
Follow the progress of the challenge here  all year:
And here from the 25th December to 31st January:

Art Exhibition

Reggio Emilia portici

Image via Wikipedia

So it turns out it’s not so difficult to find out how to do an art exhibition in Reggio Emilia.  Clare searched for some places that sold art and may do exhibitions and we went and had a look around them.  Well after a good hot chocolate.  We found that it’s possible to have our own show with flyers, food and drinks, etc for 1,200 euros – which if our plan is to do the show with a few other artists is not so much.  Our other possibility is to display the work in some other independent studios for free if the owner likes it.  Clare has a good friend whose parent own a pizzeria and we are becoming good friends with the man with the bar dowsntairs.  So we have the contact details we require and Clare is planning to work on some paintings for the New Year.  All goes well we’ll have a show in 2011 🙂

How it works

How  It Works   

 1)Choose a resolution to keep throughout January.  It can be whatever you want, but it must be positive (i.e. it can’t be to give up something or to lose weight – however it can be to do exercise.)

2)     Make a group with your friends and decide which resolutions you are going to keep (they can be individual or collective).

3)     Subscribe to the blog and register your team name, individual group members and resolutions by writing it in the comments.

4)     I will create a page called Groups and then an individual page for each group where you can comment on your process, tell any funny stories and display photos of the events and the activities.

5)     Each person needs to be sponsored £2.50, or whatever your currency is, for every week they sucesfully maintain their resolution.  For example: week 1 no, week 2 yes, week 3 yes, week 4 yes means your sponsor has to donate £7.50.

6)    At the end of the month your personal sponsor will donatei  into the challengeforcharity justgiving account the amount you raised under your name.

7)    This total will be added together with the rest of your groups and then divided by the number of members to produce a group average.  This average will be entered into a spreadsheet to produce a table of levels of performance.  So, the challenge is on 🙂

8)      The groups will stay together for February’s challenge.

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TOMS…coolest shoes everrrrrrr…..


TOMS shoes are awesome!!!!! And when you buy one pair they give another pair to children in South America, Asia, etc.. Plus the guy who’s idea it was, so my girlfriend tells me, is pretty hot 🙂