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Italian and English La prima prova – The First Attempt

Se non hai idea di cosa fare per Gennaio, dai un’0cchiata ad alcune delle nostre sfide scritte qua sotto.  Poi apri la pagina “Challenges month by month” e clicca sul link  per piu informazioni sulle sfide.

So, I’ve decided to really, really learn Italian as my resoultion.  I’ve been living here two years now and communicating is not a problem, or understanding.. but recently I’ve found myself struggling for the words I want.  So from January I will study Italian for 3 hours a week and read for at least half an hour a day in Italian.  This may seem a weak resolution as I already live here, but the point is they are things I haven’t been doing and I’m using the New Year to introduce a new determination in me.  It will also be practical as I will write every blog in English and Italian….. starting from tomorrow…. 🙂

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