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So it turns out it’s not so difficult to find out how to do an art exhibition in Reggio Emilia.  Clare searched for some places that sold art and may do exhibitions and we went and had a look around them.  Well after a good hot chocolate.  We found that it’s possible to have our own show with flyers, food and drinks, etc for 1,200 euros – which if our plan is to do the show with a few other artists is not so much.  Our other possibility is to display the work in some other independent studios for free if the owner likes it.  Clare has a good friend whose parent own a pizzeria and we are becoming good friends with the man with the bar dowsntairs.  So we have the contact details we require and Clare is planning to work on some paintings for the New Year.  All goes well we’ll have a show in 2011 🙂


How it works

How  It Works   

 1)Choose a resolution to keep throughout January.  It can be whatever you want, but it must be positive (i.e. it can’t be to give up something or to lose weight – however it can be to do exercise.)

2)     Make a group with your friends and decide which resolutions you are going to keep (they can be individual or collective).

3)     Subscribe to the blog and register your team name, individual group members and resolutions by writing it in the comments.

4)     I will create a page called Groups and then an individual page for each group where you can comment on your process, tell any funny stories and display photos of the events and the activities.

5)     Each person needs to be sponsored £2.50, or whatever your currency is, for every week they sucesfully maintain their resolution.  For example: week 1 no, week 2 yes, week 3 yes, week 4 yes means your sponsor has to donate £7.50.

6)    At the end of the month your personal sponsor will donatei  into the challengeforcharity justgiving account the amount you raised under your name.

7)    This total will be added together with the rest of your groups and then divided by the number of members to produce a group average.  This average will be entered into a spreadsheet to produce a table of levels of performance.  So, the challenge is on 🙂

8)      The groups will stay together for February’s challenge.

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Great resource from It’s a diary from now ’til the end of 2011 with all the events that are being held in association with the organisation – events held by individuals, clubs, companies, everything.  Check them out 🙂

The official justgiving website to make a donation of £1920 to put 10 girls through one year of school in Africa.