Month: January
Name: January Resolution
Type: Online
What you do? 1) Create a group with your friends.
                             2) Decide on a New Year’s Resolution
                             3) Decide who is going to sponsor who (sponsor amount per completed week is £2.50)
                             3) Write a comment on the blog saying: Team Name, Members names, Resolutions
                             4) At the end of the month multiply the number of succesful weeks by £2.50 and pay the donation into the account fo challengeforcharity.
                              5) Celebrate – well done. 
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Month: February
Name: February Running Race
Type: Event
What do you do?   NOTHING. I’ll be organising a race in Reggio Emilia in an attempt to raise money.                                    
                                       SOMETHING. Run a fixed distance or fixed time 3 times a week. At the start of the month set yourself a total hour or distance goal and try and achieve it.  This can be sponsored or non-sponsored.  Make donations to the blogs account or to one of your own, but let us know about and inspire us
                                  A LOT.  Try to organise a running event yourself. has a lot of information on how to organise events, take a look. Same applies as above, let us know if you’re doing something but the choice is yours about where to donate the money.
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Month: March
Name: March Online Cook Book
Type: Online
What you do? 1) Write a comment on the blog to show that you want to take part.
                             2) On the 28th February there will be a lottery and each individual or group who wants to take part will be given a country, and they will cook food from that country.
                             3) Each recipe will be sent into the blog along with the recipe.
                             4) An online book will be created and stored.
                             5) Book companies will be published to ask if they want to publish the book based on the idea and the recipes.
                             6) Overindulge and get fat.
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And here from 25th February to 31st March:
Month: April
Name: April Cycle Race Sponsor Me
Type: Sponsorship
What you do? 1) I’ll decide on a cycling challenge I want to do.
                              2) I’ll collect sponsorship from people I work with and friends.
                              3) If people want to join me on the challenge or do their own they can and we will use the blog to promote it.                          
                              4) Organise your own cycling challenge to tie-in with other people’ April cycle challenge.  Chances are the more interesting the challenge, the more likely that you’ll get sponsorship.
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Month: May
Name: £10 a week challenge
Type: Online
Background: Literally billions of people live on less than $2.50 a day. This works out at about £10 or 11 euros.
What you do? 1)  CHALLENGE 1 Cut ten pounds/11 euros from your weekly expenses, then tell us how it affected you.
                              2)  CHALLENGE 2 I will try to live off 11 euros a week, with the exception of the rent on my apartment.  I will also live without the comforts I have at the moment.  If people wish to join me in the challenge they may.  At the end of the month the money I lived off will be subtracted from my average monthly expenses and the deficit will be given to charity.
                             3) CHALLENGE 3 Following on from the online cook book, we will try to create a cook book of £1 meals. Participate and at the end of the month, a percentage of the amount of money you’ve saved on your typical food budget will be donated to charity.
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Month: June
Name: June Live Music Event
Type: Event in Reggio Emilia
What you do? 1) NOTHING I am going to try to organise a musiainc festival in Reggio Emilia and see if it really is like Wayne’s World 2.  I’m awaiting Jim and theose in the  Naked Indian.
                              2) SOMETHING Learn to play a musical instrument you’ve always wanted too, or start practicing again.  No sponsorship involved, but if you want you could form groups similar to those in the January Resolution Challenge.  Let us know how you’re getting on.
                              3) A LOT Try to organise a festival/concert yourself.  Do it for the challenge or charge a few pounds/euros for the entrance fee.
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Month: July
Name: July Online Book Submission
Type: Online
What you do?   1) Have you always thought you had that book inside you just waiting to get out.  This months challenge will probably bea culmination of several months hard work.  The blog will gather together information on how to approach publishers, etc and all you have to do is tell us who you’ve sent your manuscript to and about your story.  Hopefully different people will be able to help to give the books the best possibility of success.
                      2)  I’ll be returning to England for the first time in a year and will be trying to publish some of the books I have written.  If I’m succesful I’ll give a percentage of it to charity.  If you want you can do the same, or even go through the website to your publishers, I hope by July we will have some direct contacts with publishers.
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Month: August
Name: August CIY (Challenge It Yourself)
Type: Sponsor Me/Event
What you do? 1)Whatever you want.  This is your chance to chae yourself in whatever way you want.  I will be doing a challenge with my friend when I return to England for the summer (I’ve missed too many people too much.)  I will be posting where, when and what we’ll be doing and we welcome anyone that wants to come and join us and I hope you’ll do the same.  Ideally we will have a string of challenges throughout the summer months, people raise sponsorshi from their friends and we get to meet some great people.  At the moment I’m thinking some sort of multi-day challenge with different modes of travel, walking, swimming, skipping 😉 who knows.            
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Month: September
Name: September Foto Album
Type: Online
What you do? 1) Download your favourite photos from the year so far, your summer holiday, or your experiments during September with your name  and contact details. 
                             2) I’ll create an online photo album where we can vote on our favourite with a prize of some value at the end for the winners of different catergories.
                             3) The top photos will go on a pay to use photo website with all money going to charity for the rest of the year.  After that the money will go straight to you and you can reep the benefits of any contacts, etc that have been made through the website and blogs.
                             4) Professional help to improve your own photos will be provided by contributors.
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Month: October
Name:  October Art Show
Type: Event
What you do? 1) NOTHING I’ll be organising an art show in Reggio Emilia, to show several local artists work.  My aim is to understand exactly how the art scene works in my home town and to help my talented friend Clare.
                            2) SOMETHING. If you are interested in showing your artwork contact me and we will see how easy it will be to get your work to Reggio Emilia.  If you live in or near Reggio it will of course be easier.  If we get enough applicants it will be possible to more than one showing. 
                            3) A LOT. Organise an art exhibition in your home town for local artists.
                           4) SOMETHING 2.  Show your artwork on the blog or sontact me about something you’d be interested in doing with your artwork in Reggio Emilia.
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Month: November
Name: November Great Ebay Give Away
Type: Online
What you do? 1) Sell all the things you don’t want on E Bay and make space for the presents that will come your way at Christmas.
                             2) E waves all charges on items sold on Ebay equal to the percentage that you donate to charity.  For example if you donate 70% of the sale to charity they take 70% off the charges you usually pay.
                             3) Keep track of the totals you’ve made on the blog and we can see how much the people who follow the blog have made as a total.  Prize for the biggest donator.
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Month: December
Name: December Christmas Gifts
Type: Online
What you do? 1) Chose a gift from any of the websites mentioned on the blog and make a difference to someone’s life.
                            2) Think about your New Years Resolution for 2012.
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And here from 25th November to 31st December: