Reggio Emilia portici

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So it turns out it’s not so difficult to find out how to do an art exhibition in Reggio Emilia.  Clare searched for some places that sold art and may do exhibitions and we went and had a look around them.  Well after a good hot chocolate.  We found that it’s possible to have our own show with flyers, food and drinks, etc for 1,200 euros – which if our plan is to do the show with a few other artists is not so much.  Our other possibility is to display the work in some other independent studios for free if the owner likes it.  Clare has a good friend whose parent own a pizzeria and we are becoming good friends with the man with the bar dowsntairs.  So we have the contact details we require and Clare is planning to work on some paintings for the New Year.  All goes well we’ll have a show in 2011 🙂