This week has been a strange one, I haven’t had time to do anything to raise money for charity but I have been inspired by my friends.  My friend Christen and I are going with Clare to see if we can arrange an art show in our town in the new year. Clare’s idea – have a look in the section painting/drawing to see her pictures.  Whilst Christen also gave me a CD that one of her students made with his band, in light that we might do something with them if we manage to put on a concert or festival in the summer.  Whilst Sil has been looking for something to make that she used to sell in England that we can sell in Italy.

Finally my fantastic girlfriend has gone making and baking crazy – and she seems to love it, coming up with some fantastic ideas using household goods.  Have a look at her advent calendar in crafty things.

So thankyou friend sfor inspiring me and making me think we can make a difference 🙂