Living in a foreign country is all about discoveries.  This week I found out….

Discovery 1 – I fit into my girlfriends jeans, BUT I look awful!

Discovery 2 – One day without showering is ok.  UNLESS on the second day you wake up and find the super strong gel you used to make yourself look like Elvis for a fancy dress party has now made you look like KRamer from Seinfeld.

Discovery 3 – Cold showers wake up you up EVEN IF you don’t want to have one, and the only reason you are is becayse the hot waters broken.

Discovery 4 – They’re worse when it’s cold, TODAY there’s snow outside.

Discovery 5 – Your girlfriend’s father isn’t always right.  SO when he suggests you leave your bike at their house because the roads will be too icy in the morning, then you wake up and find the roads are perfect but you still have to walk 2 hours to go and pick it up, REMEMBER for the next time.

Discovery 6 – None of this matters when you have a girlfriend who dressed up as Gene Simmons from Kiss on Saturday night to sing karaoke and looked amazing.