12 Positive Challenges 

I am setting myself 12 challenges for the next year, one for each month.  The question is how to do something with it to raise money for charity.  This is the aim of the blog.  From January, I want to, on the blog, set myself one challenge a month.  These challenges though will not only be for me – they will be for everybody who wants to do them.  The idea being that each challenge is done minimum in pairs but also in large groups, with each person donating from £1-2.50 each week to their friend as long as they continue to work towards their challenge (the other friend doing likewise).  The money is not a financial sacrifice but should constitute the money that you didn’t spend on something else that week (for example one less cup of tea on Wednesday, or one less beer on Saturday.) 

The blog needs contributions in terms of photos and stories of the things you have done, as well as in particular months contributions of a different kind; for example in March we would hope to create an online cook book, in August a photo gallery. 

At the minimum there will be a group of people that have done 12 things they’ve always wanted to do by the end of the year, and hopefully an online community of doers that could really make a difference. 

Proposed Ideas (these will be up for a vote after January, but at the moment they are arranged to be one physical, then one non-physical activity).

January – Keep New Year’s resolution by doing it for at least 3 times a week. In keeping with the idea of the blog the resolution should be positive (this means – something you have to do, not something you have to cut out.  If your resolution is to stop smoking, why not make your resolution to do something else three times a week, maybe the times when you most felt like smoking, and use the money you would’ve spent on one pack of cigarettes to sponsor a friend to keep their resolution.)  The sacrifice should provide the money for the sponsorship, the challenge should be something that gives you an experience.

February – Run further than ever before. With one specific date when we run that distance (probably the last weekend of the month.)  This is an open ended activity, if you want to challenge yourself to run a marathon go for it.  But, the idea is that you challenge yourself to run a distance you’ve never done before in a large group, or alone. Then on the date that will be decided nearer the time everybody will run the distance they chose in whatever place they want (I was thinking maybe a park, with some enterprising people arranging a whole day/event around it for their particular group.)  I will be attempting to run a marathon distance, but only because the idea excites me, and I want to see what goes through peoples minds to stave off what I assume must mostly be boredom.

March – Learn to cook 2 dishes a week from a specific country.  If the blog has enough people following it I would like to do a lottery/raffle where names of those that want to participate are pulled out of a hat  and a country assigned to each person.  Then at the end of the month we will create an online recipe book – with extra information that people have found and want to contribute.  Hell, we might even try selling it to raise money for charity!

April – cycle further than you’ve ever cycled before OR cycle for two days – I have a week of holiday and I intend to cycle from the town I live in of Reggio Emilia in the North of Italy, 1200 km south to Reggio Calabria.

May – The month of the real reason from where my idea began.  With half the world’s population living on less than 2 dollars a day – 10 euros or 12 pounds a week.  The people following the blog will cut out 10 pounds a weeks from their spends (just for one month). I will be trying to live off the equivalent of 10 euros a week and will give the money that I would have spent to charity.

June – organize a music festival/karaoke/comedy event and charge £2 for tickets, with the money going to charity.  In Italy there is a real problem of a lack of opportunity for young music groups to demonstrate their music so I will be organizing something for them.  Imagine how amazing it would be if their were lots of mini festivals going on on the same day and the possibility for a return festival would be fantastic if contacts are made through the blog.

July – Walk from dawn til duck

August – Learn to take a really good photo with an online gallery?

September – swim the equivalent of something (for example the English Channel) in one month?

October . Go to a city you’ve never been to before – share photos and reviews online?

November – Face a fear? Do something you never thought you would? Learn something that your dad can/could do and you can’t?

December ?


Finally donations will be made to a justgiving.com account to be set up, I hope that money raised will be donated  to one specific  thing such as to build one new school.  When we have raised enough money for this we will decide together on the next thing to raise money for.

Based on the advice of Simon Moss from the Poverty Project I’m starting my blog now and blogging the things I’m doing now to increase the possibility of this project succeeding.  In November and December I will be creating links and quick guides to the two sides of the blog – 1)          Christmas presents that also benefit charity

2)   Websites that show you how to do things that you’ve always wanted to and where to buy the things you need to do them in the New Year.

Thankyou so, so much for reading this, whether you’re a friend of mine, or a friend of a friend of a friend, sorry for the overlong introduction and please if you think it would be interesting to you follow the blog and tell your friends about it, we could really do something in a very easy way.  And please, please feel free to contribute with links, information,questions,etc part of the reason I set this up is to see if people are interested and to find out more about how to help end poverty.

Again thankyou